The Ride

It was midnight when I finally went out for a ride on my Sportster. The road was dark and seemed to absorb the light from the full moon that shone brilliantly above. The road was laid out before me like a black ribbon that wound it’s way through the desert canyons. 

A single headlight illuminated the small orange reflectors in the middle of the road, they guided me down the asphalt and deeper into the darkness, with each crack of the throttle I continued on into the night.

As I made my way away from the city, the sky cleared and the stars above seemed to come alive. Back on earth, my headlight would illuminate each insect as they passed by either side of my head. It reminded me of simpler times when I would lay down in a field with my family and watch the meteor showers.

This was the ride that I always dreamt of, when everything came together for a few brief moments. As each mile ticked away on the odometer, the reality and obligations of life passed away. There was no destination, no friends to meet up and no time table that had to be kept. It was simply…

The ride.