Champ School Advanced Riding Class

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the Championship Riding School that was being held at Red Rock Harley-Davidson. The class itself was phenomenal and the instructors, Nick Ienatsch, Damon Schuetze and our own Steve Ritchey did a wonderful job of showing us how to improve our riding.

The techniques that we were shown and then practiced put the students on a path to better manage and control tire grip. 

Now I’m not going to attempt to explain these techniques in a newsletter article or in person. I’ll let the people that teach the class do that. But the techniques learned will change how you ride. And they must be practiced; as it goes against a few things that we all have been taught and have been practicing since we first started to ride a motorcycle.

Going into the class, I had an idea as to the techniques that they would be teaching and honestly, I had my doubts but with an open mind and a willingness to learn, I signed up for both the morning and the afternoon classes.

At the end of the day everything had changed. I now find myself thinking about corners differently and it has now started to affect my riding style.

More importantly, I learned to be a better rider. Hopefully Red Rock Harley-Davidson will have Champ School back but they do offer classes during the fall/winter in Arizona.

For additional information 

Search for “100 points of grip”

Or if you want to geek out a little bit more, try reading “Sport Riding Techniques” by Nick Ienatsch.

And if you really want to GEEK OUT and get technical, pick up “Motorcycle Dynamics” by Vittore Cossalter.